Procurement Intelligence

Procurement Intelligence from Global Sourceing Associates delivers you insight into categories and markets to enable effective procurement decisions.

Rapid, relevant and reliable
Market volatility causes significant challenges to procurement managers. To deliver value to the business it is critical to have insight into the current cost and market dynamics of key categories & raw materials, together with early warnings of potential market risks. With so many sources of information available Global Sourceing Associates rapidly filters out what is relevant and reliable to support effective decision making. From a one off market analysis to support your strategy development to regular price forecasts to inform buying decisions, Global Sourceing Associates can give you competitive insight:

Comprehensive primary and secondary sources
Valuable insight comes from interrogating both primary sources such as suppliers, and industry experts, and secondary sources such as industry publications, databases and associations. Through Global Sourceing Associates's growing network of industry contacts and supplier databases we gather multiple viewpoints to increase the depth and reliability of the intelligence.
Local insight with global reach
Globalization of markets comes with increased risks and opportunities. To sustain competitive advantage it is necessary to consistently integrate both global and local intelligence. Global Sourceing Associates meets this challenge through its network of operations that span the key markets of Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.
Through Procurement Intelligence we can assist you in:
Discovering market opportunities
Making informed buying decisions
Conducting effective negotiations
Clarifying supply chain risks

Global Sourceing

Global Sourceing conducted by Global Sourceing Associates delivers you sustainable value on your procurement from emerging markets
Realise value by Sourceing direct
Sourceing directly from suppliers is an opportunity for sustainable procurement savings and competitive advantage. These savings come from taking advantage of capacity in emerging markets and retaining the margins charged by agents and distributors. Global Sourceing Associates's end-to-end Sourceing capabilities can secure you the most capable and competitive suppliers.
Access emerging markets
Emerging markets offer a savings opportunity for goods and services, however gaining access is challenging. Whether Asia, Latin America or Eastern Europe, Global Sourceing Associates has the global reach to open up these markets for you through our global network of offices.
Manage quality and reliability risks
Through strong communication and management of the suppliers on the ground, Global Sourceing Associates ensures that quality and reliability is maintained and any issues are resolved before they impact the critical path.
Rapidly discover and secure value
We understand the challenges involved, and will lead you through a step-by-step, secure process to minimize risk and rapidly achieve results to the bottom line.
Through Global Sourceing we can assist you in:
Finding a suitable supplier
Negotiating the best commercial conditions
Improving supplier relationships
Defining product specs that will meet your needs
Managing and mitigating all supply chain risks

Procurement OutSourceing

Outsource your IPOs to Global Sourceing Associates to benefit from immediate value, global capability and scale.
Reduce overheads & operational risk
High operating costs, staff attrition and corruption are the main challenges to the effectiveness of small International Procurement Offices (IPOs) below 10 staff. Through outSourceing your IPO to Global Sourceing Associates you can immediately reduce your overheads, reduce staffing risk, and the risk of corruption, whilst gaining access to the Global Sourceing Associates's scale.
Increase productivity and capabilities
For any IPO, capability to execute process productively is key to effectively Sourceing goods and services. Within a small IPO developing and retaining the scope of category expertise and consistently following rigorous processes is a challenge. Procurement OutSourceing with Global Sourceing Associates gives you access to a wider category expertise and strong process capabilities.
Flexible global network of operations
A typical risk for internal IPOs is limiting the Sourceing to the country where the IPO is based instead of conducting true global Sourceing. As countries' relative competitive advantages shift rapidly this leads directly to reduced competitive advantage. Through Procurement OutSourceing you gain access to a flexible global network of operations that is experienced in conducting regional and global Sourceing operations.
Through Procurement OutSourceing we can assist you in: Rapidly scaling global Sourceing capability
Rescuing failing procurement operations
Managing procurement operations for localisation requirements

Benefits Delivered

Global Sourceing Associates delivers sustainable procurement value through cost savings, increased quality, and service.
Sustainable bottom line savings
In addition to targeting savings now, through qualifying suppliers in multiple regions we set the foundation for future savings from market volatility.
Improved supply quality & reliability
Through our systematic and local supplier relationship management we keep your requirements in the forefront of the suppliers mind throughout the supply contract.
Increased productivity
Global Sourceing Associates's end to end process and training delivers increased productivity in terms of time to re-source categories and staff per category, leading to reduced operating costs and quicker time to benefit realisation.
Reduced supply chain risk
Through our objective and rigorous Sourceing process we help our clients comply with CSR requirements, international corruption legislation and increase the standards of contracted suppliers.
Economies of scale
As a Procurement Service Provider working for multiple companies, we can achieve economies of scale which a client on a standalone basis could not leverage. We accomplish this through aggregating spend across multiple customers for the same category, investing in deep category knowledge and expertise, and lastly through negotiating leverage deals with suppliers.
Increased business engagement and alignment
A key success factor for Global Sourceing Associates is engaging the business stakeholders from the beginning to ensure the demand is truly understood and the Sourceing model aligns to the operating model.

Our Methodology

Global Sourceing Associates's rigorous methodology delivers results aligned to our clients objectives
Rigorous Strategic Sourceing Foundation
Global Sourceing Associates's methodology aims to rapidly demonstrate savings to the bottom line whilst being highly analytical to make objective supplier selection decisions.
For the Benefit of the Buying Organisation
Our business model is to work exclusively for the benefit of the buyer with no preferred relationship with any of the suppliers. In this way we are totally focused towards achieving our clients objectives and continuously improving their procurement performance.
Total Transparency & Auditability
We share all supplier information with clients with total transparency to build strong relationships built on trust and reliability

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